A trek to Taal Volcano

Are you craving for an adventure? Are you bored with your daily routine and wants to experience new things out of your comfort zone? A day trek to Taal Volcano can be the best option for you.

A couple of weeks ago, I finally ticked Taal Volcano on my bucketlist. Hope you can tick this on your bucketlist too.

From the condo where we are stayed, it took us around 30 minutes to the boat station. We rode a trike which costs us Php 500 for 2 way. I guess it’s reasonable enough since it’s a but far. Once we arrived at the boat station, we are then welcomed by Bryan (owner of the tour) and he explained to us a bit of history of Taal Volcano and how long will it take us to finish the whole tour.

For the expenses here is the breakdown:

Boat: 2000 which can accomodate up to 6 person

Guide: 500 for the whole group

Tourism Entrance Fee: 100 for each person

Boat Terminal Fee: 50

Total: 2850

Since we are three in the group, we only spend Php 950 for the tour. Amazing right? As a traveler, you really need to look for tours that are cheaper and this is actually the cheapest so far based on what I have read in the internet. If you want to avail this, you can contact Bryan Malvataan (09172032792). And oh, they offer complimentary drinks for the tour too. They will give you mineral water, face mask, bulihat and of course fresh buko juice after the tour.

Once ready, we then rode the boat going to the starting point of the trail. Boat ride is more or less 15 minutes.

Of course a photo should be taken to document our still fresh face(boat ride).

We are welcomed by a bubbly tour guide once we set our feet on the ground. As excited as we are, we didn’t waste much time, we immediately start the trek. The distance is approximately 4 kms. There is an option to ride a horse if you’re not a fan of walking. For Php 500, a horse will take you to the crater and will wait for you until you decided to go down. But we prefer walking since we really love adventure.

Our tour guide explained what we needed to know about the history of the Volcano. You will need to pass fourteen station cross to reach at the top. From the the beginning of the trail going to the first station cross, it took as a while because it was a bit far. I begin to question my inner self, how long will it take to reach to 14th station? But as an adventurous as I am, I don’t mind as long as I reach my destination. The second, third and fourth station cross were also far. Good thing, the fifth to fourteenth station are closer which the guide also mentioned once we arrived at the fourth station. Thank God!

Third Station for the Trail To Taal Volcano Crater

The view at the fourth station

After less than a hour, approximately 40 minutes, we finally arrived. We are welcomed with this magnificent view😍

Taal Crater Lake

I was definitely enthralled by it’s beauty. Looking at the lake gives me a relaxing feeling. It calmed me. The trek was so worth it. We did spend like a few minutes seating while looking at amazing view. Just feeling the moment.

Of course, we couldn’t miss a chance to take a picture with the view. Here’s our solo entry photos🤣

A couple of group shots and jump shots wouldn’t hurt🙈

Tryin’ out some decent pose

Trying to do a candid pose.

Our model friend on the right won the best jumpshot pose

Aren’t we cute? But we prefer awesome😜

And of course, I didn’t miss to do the “buwis buhay” pose. By the way, this is just made of bamboo and you might fall if you don’t know how to balance and no one will catch you. HAHA. It’s a cliff. It’s scary but I did it anyway.

To complete our awesome experience, the photo below is a must👌 We truly love TAAL.

After all the picture taking, we decided to go back since tourists were already coming. We were lucky because there’s only a couple of tourists when we arrived there. Going down is easy. Easy as one two three. Literally. It took us roughly 30 minutes going down.

The whole tour can be completed in 3-4 hours depending if you will stay longer and of course your pacing. In our case, we completed it in 3 hours.

Tip: Start your trek as early as possible because the hotness of the sun will really tire you. We started at 7am and it’s not yet hot. Also, bring food and water ‘coz it’s quite pricey there.

With our fellow “bisaya” tour guide

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