A quick escape at Tingko Beach Alcoy

Taking a break from the busy city, our family decided to visit the famous “Tingko Beach”- a public beach located in the south of Cebu specifically in the Municipality of Alcoy. Approximately a 3 hour drive away from the city, this white sand beach is indeed a beauty. No wonder that southern part of Cebu attracts too many tourists because of it’s prestine beaches which Tingko is not an exemption.

Morning view of the shoreline when there were still few people swimming.

The waves were really crawling gently to the shore which is a perfect angle to take a picture.

There is really something on the waves that can take away all the anxiousness that we have even for a while. With all the struggles that I am facing on a daily basis, going to the beach can relax and clear my chaotic mind. Indeed, I consider the beach as one of my happy place. I know a lot of people feel the same way too😊

This beach is not nothing compared to other beaches. This can shine too. The sands are white and very fine. But there are a few things that I don’t like here. It’s quite pricey which is unreasonable. From the table with four chairs will cost you 400. We decided to rent two tables and ask them to set it up under the tent but the staff said that it will cost us Php 1000.00 in total. Like what? As a traveler, I’ve been to a lot of beaches both in the North and South of Cebu but this is by far the most pricey and it’s not even a cottage. Considering that this is a public beach, it should be affordable to the public. Right? Not to mention the parking fee. It’s very expensive, much more expensive than the parking area in the city. Regardless if you would stay longer or not, they have a flat rate of Php 100.00 for parking. I even said that we will only be staying for like 3-4 hours but the parking fee is fixed (sigh). The entrance fee is Php 20.00 which is okay. One more thing, shower costs Php 50.00 per person. So we decided to take a shower in the house that we rented.

One good thing is, they dont have corkage fee so you are free to bring as many food as you want. They have a good area for grilling too.

On the other hand, we did enjoy swimming under the heat of the sun. And that is more important than anything else.

By the way, they have room too if you want to stay overnight. It’s Php 2,500 per room (good for 2) according to the staff. But on our case we rented a whole house which is 5 mins drive from Tingko beach. The entire house is less than Php 2,000 which can accomodate up to 8 guests. Also, there’s a lot of cheap accomodations in Alcoy if you are in a budget. You can check airbnb. I booked our accomodation in airbnb too.

To complete our quick getaway, here are some photos.

Our very own “Hot Mama”. A mother of two but still looking gorgeous and sexy
Enjoying the waves
Best Candid award goes to these two😍
My mother is enjoying the waves too
Grandfather and granddaughter bonding
Bestfriend goals
Couple goals😍

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